Hacienda la meza - Imbabura
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The platform of the Hacienda la Meza is located in the farm of the same name. These archaeological remains are located 10 km. away from the town of Pimampiro, Imbabura.

This platform is located in the plateau of the aforementioned Hacienda and is better known with the name of Usurco (bear Mount). It has a structure of rectangular shape of 31 m x 6 m covered with slabs of 2.5 x 0.5 x 7 cm. thick. The stone platform has carved stones with Zoomorphic motifs. On a flat land was covered an area with slabs of 2.50 m long; 0.50 m wide and 7 cm thick.


Each stone is very well carved and seated directly on the ground without any union. Four of them have high reliefs representing a two-headed snake and an animal that could be a monkey but the muzzle does not correspond to this animal.


Many of the platform stones have Zoomorphic and anthropomorphic drawings that have been assigned to the period of integration (800 A.C). Because of its location it was considered a patch to entry to the Amazon through the Quijos Valley, which suggests an interregional trade. Also at the ranch the Meza were found ceramics of several cultures of the Sierra and Amazonia, fact that supported this hypothesis.


The platform possible had a ceremonial use. According to the archaeologist Pedro Porras, the structure may have been part of a temple destroyed in the Inca or colonial era that would be used for drying coca leaves. Drawings in high relief in the stones suggest the practice of rites for deities of nature, fact that doesn’t discard the space were used as dry plain.


Going trough the Panamericana Norte in the sector El Juncal is the road that connects with Pimampiro Canton. From Pimampiro you can take a truck that will pick up you in an estimated time of 1 hour 30 min. to the platform of the Hacienda la Meza.


You can contact the Municipal Government of Pimampiro, with the Unidad de Medio Ambiente y Turismo UMAT. The telephone number is 293 7118 Ext. 119
If you want to rest in Pimampiro you can contact:

Hospedaje José Alveiro
Address: Pimampiro, Olmedo and Flores
Telephone: 06-293 7070

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