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Riobamba, also known as the "Sultana de los Andes", is the capital of the province of Chimborazo, and one of the oldest colonial cities in Ecuador.

It is in the geographical center of the country, in the cordillera of the Andes, at 2,700 meters, bordering volcanoes as Chimborazo, Tungurahua, Altar and the Carihuairazo. The ancient Riobamba city was founded on August 15, 1534, by Diego de Almagro in the old Liribamba, which was the capital of ancient Puruhá culture located in what now constitutes the village "La Union" in Colta Canton, Chimborazo.


The first Spanish city was founded in this geographical area, in the present-day territory of the Ecuador. Riobamba was the first Capital of Ecuador after the establishment of the Republic and the first Constitutional Charter of Ecuador was signed in the city. During the colony Riobamba was one of the largest and most beautiful cities of the continent.


It should be noted that we speak about the ancient Riobamba. The old city had many buildings, churches with splendor and architectural structure without equal.


In the province of Chimborazo, away from the current capital city, in the parish of Sicalpa, Colta canton, are some few vestiges of the old city of Riobamba in a small archaeological space. A hut of adobe with reused stone from the primordial Riobamba socket is preserved.


Like other Spanish colonial city the architectural structure of the city had a quadrangular shape. The most important buildings, as the Town Hall and the church buildings were in the Center of the city. Five neighborhoods were around and each of them had its own church and convent.


Puruhaes Buildings as well as architectural elements belonging to the Inca era had exist long before the Spaniard built this colonial city in the old Liribamba. The majority of the ancient indigenous constructions were reused by the Spaniards.


Prior to the Republican era, the city of Riobamba already had enough history. Near the city is the population Punin, where was found the Punin man, the remnants of a fossilized human skull that is considered one of the oldest in the Ecuador and has a dating of 4995 years.


In addition it is known that during the process of Inca expansion and domination, 1000 year, the Central Andes were the main stage of the settlement and expansion of this Empire due to Riobamba was one of the most important tambos.


What has been rescue from the time of the Spanish conquest in the city of Riobamba is the evidence that the houses were built with adobe and tapia, had wood deck and roof of straw or tile. On the other hand, especially the religious buildings and houses had wood covering and thatched roofs or tile roof. Streets paved with pebbles already had sewage channels and other channels of clean water pipe.

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