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Tambo Blanco is located in the province of Loja, Saraguro canton, San Lucas parish, in the eastern part of the town San Lucas, in the ravine of Vinoyacu and at the foot of the Acacana Hill. The archaeological place lies in a small Valley crossed by two streams

The archaeological place of Tambo Blanco, also known as “Ciudadela Tambo Blanco”, consists of "the ruins of a Palace, with two courtyards and a garden with several terraces (...) The ruins of Tambo Blanco were used 25 years as quarry in the construction of the Church of San Lucas".


These data are the results of the investigations of the archaeologist Max Uhle. His research has brings together information of the place. Currently the archaeological place is distributed in the following way.


The deposits area has been identified. The sector is located on the summit of one of the hills surrounding the valley hollow. Deposits are a group of small quadrangular structures arranged in a row, with a corridor in the middle of them.


The headquarters pointed out by Max Uhle have also been identified:  they are an open space with several entry doors.


The Palace is another representative structure of the place, and the largest by the number of buildings. It is a construction that has two courtyards. Around the courtyards were built several structures generally rectangular, of possible residential use. The platforms or stairs are farming terraces located very close to the Palace.


Tambo Blanco also has the archaeological remains of “ Piedra de las tacitas” stones of the cups of ceremonial use. They are located in the eastern part of the archaeological park.


Possibly Tambo Blanco was a small administrative Center and an important point to control the territory of the Paltas Culture. It is also part of the Capac Ñan or Inca Trail. That’s why is  has been considered a Tambo, or resting site. It probably was built in the 15th century in the campaigns of Huayna Capac.  


Tambo Blanco is one of the most important ruins of the province of Loja. Today, these buildings are in deterioration, and most of them are covered by vegetation.


If you want more information, the San Lucas parish offers its services of Community tourism through the “Fundación ecológica WAYRA”

Telephone :  (+5937) 258 2005 /(+5937) 258 2005 
San Lucas - Loja - Ecuador

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