“Hacienda La Vega” Camellones - Imbabura
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In San Pablo Parish, province of Ibarra, 5 kilometers from the San Pablo Lake you will find another place of archaeological interest in Ecuador, the ridges of La Vega Hacienda.

The Archaeological area is on the banks of the river San Pablo. The place is mainly formed by ridges or ground platforms, known by the people of the place with the name of "ingahuachos". These last ones were named with the Spaniards arrival as ridges, “camellones”: mounds of intentional modification for agricultural purposes.


Has been considered that the ridges were built to protect the crops from the damage of floodplain of the water and help the same excess runoff. It was a method of intensive agriculture applied in an era in which it was necessary to expand the agricultural frontier for demographic reasons.


The ordering of the camellones of la Vega Hacienda has the shape of a checkerboard. One of the groups of ridges has a platform with pyramidal form and access ramp. The elaboration of these platforms was carried out piling up Earth with the purpose of obtaining an elevated surface to make crops. It’s assumed that occasionally they were used also as housing or ritual spaces.


Near each platform goes parallel a channel or ditch, through which squeezed the excess water rain. Its dimensions are varied, from trench to trench they have 3 to 7.5 m width, the height can reach 80 cm. and the biggest dimension have 450 m.


Nearby you can enjoy natural attractions such as the San Pablo Lagoon and the people of Iluman, dedicated to the manufacture of hats and crafts. 30 minutes from La Vega you can also visit the city of Otavalo, craft center of the Ecuadorian Sierra.


You can also visit the population of San Antonio de Ibarra specialized in carving wood, or also make a short trip to Cotacachi, population dedicated to the production of leather goods, and know the Peguche waterfall or lagoon of Cuicocha.


Hacienda La Vega is located close to Ibarra, exactly in the parish San Pablo del Lago, in the sector known as La Rinconada. To contact the Hacienda you can call (593) 62918705, or you can also contact (593) 90802390

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