Telephone Directory of passenger terminals in Ecuador
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There are two passenger terminals in Quito, one for each end of the city, helping the mobility of foreign and national travelers.
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The “Terminal Interprovincial de Carcelén”, located in the North of the city, is near the District of the same name. From here departure buses that are belonging to the sierra, the Carchi and Imbabura provinces located at the north of the province of Pichincha.

The “Terminal interprovincial Quitumbe” is located in the South of the city, in the neighborhood of the same name. In this are the buses that are going to travel to all the other provinces, both central and South, to the coast and the Amazon. In addition there are routes that go to the parishes of Tambillo and Aloag, Machachi, located at the South of the city.


For the rest of Ecuador, unfortunately not all bus terminals have a number of official contact; anyway we put at your disposal the following information.

Terminal Terrestre de Quito (Quitumbe South)
Telephone: (+593-2) 396 1600
Terminal Terrestre de Quito (Carcelén / North)
Telephone: (+593-2) 398 8200
Terminal Terrestre de Guayaquil (Guayas)
Telephone: (+593-4) 213 0163 / 213 0336 / 213 0581
Terminal Terrestre de Tulcán (Carchi)
Telephone: (+593-6) 298 5647
Terminal Terrestre de Ibarra (Imbabura)
Telephone: (+593-6) 264 4675 / 6264 4676
Terminal Terrestre de Quevedo (Los Ríos)
Telephone: (+593-5) 275 7672 / 275 8309 / 276 2461
Terminal Terrestre de Riobamba (Chimborazo)
Telephone: (+593-3) 296 2005
Terminal Terrestre de Tena (Napo)
Telephone: (+593-6) 288 8279
Terminal Terrestre de Macas (Morona Santiago)
Telephone: (+593-7) 270 3748

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