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The South of Quito is much more highway intricate. Although it has much broader streets than those of the Center streets, does not have a long road axis except the Maldonado.
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This is because there is a ravine formed by the Machángara River. Its streets are short and tend to form several blocks, strictly straight or curved due to its geography, they sometimes become true labyrinths.


If you are going to travel by bus in Quito you must be a fast reader since the buses have signs with their route. Obviously, you can always ask the drive controller or someone you trust what bus you should take to go to your destination.


The buses routes in Quito are numerous and you always will find in the main streets a significant traffic of buses, although it is always good to find out how often your required lines pass.


In the case of the taxi service you will be surprised to know there are almost the same number of taxis circulating in New York, so if you want to take one, it is not a problem to find one if you are near a busy or main street in Quito.

If you want to learn more about the characteristics and peculiarities of (rural and urban) buses, taxis and integrated transport systems, we suggest you visit our page Transport services in Quito.


The last recommendation and most important is to always take into account your safety and the safety of the person that travels with you. Quito is not a dangerous city, but like any great city it has delinquency. This is why we recommend always be alert of people that surrounds you, preferably not to accept invitations from strangers and find out in advance which sectors are safe and which aren´t, for walking and driving, both during the day and at night. It´s your responsibility be informed.


Remember that in Quito it gets dark early, is for this reason that the nightlife begins relatively early (20h00) and ends around 02h00 or 03h00. From that time the majority of bars and discotheques close and certain sectors become very unsafe. For more tips on how to move, not only in Quito, but in Ecuador, visit our page Travelling in Ecuador.

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