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Travelling in Quito is not a complicated task, you just need to know a few basic facts about the orientation of the streets, the different areas that exist in Quito, and differentiate the lines of buses, taxis and integrated transport systems.




The urban myth says that there is the same amount of taxis in New York as there is in Quito. They are very numerous in the streets (nearly 9000 units in the city) and they are relatively cheap. The cost of the minimum travel distance is $1 during the day and $1.50 in the night and early morning. Always check that the driver has switched on the taximeter and that it starts at $0.35. Night and early morning, most taxis refuse to turn it on, in this case it is important to negotiate the total cost of the service before boarding. Try to always have change.


Taxis in Quito are yellow and it is important to check their legal permission: stickers pasted on the front doors and in the upper corner of the windshield with its respective number. In Quito there is also executive taxi service. These cars are not yellow nor possess any visible permit permission, and usually operate by telephone radiotaxi (radiocab). Another kind of taxis which can be yellow, but do not have the relevant permission can be found, these are not reliable in terms of cost and security, therefore we do not recommend to use them.


You have to know this

Taximeter in Quito starts in $0.35 USD.


The cost of a minimum travel distance (minimum leg) of a taxi in Quito is $1 USD. At night, the cost of the minimum distance is $1.50 USD.


Avoid get into taxis that do not exhibit the legal permission in the windscreen and doors. Use the yellow cabs.

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