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In Quito, Guapulo is the bohemian neighborhood par excellence. It is located at the northeast of the city, bordered by the La Floresta and Machángara gorge, Avenida Oriental highway, which connects the city of Quito with its eastern valleys.


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For a long time this area have been considered historical due to the fact that  the Spanish conquistadors expedition of  Gonzalo Pizarro and Francisco de Orellana started from  here to set out on a journey to"El país de la canela” , The Cinnamon Land. They didn’t found the supposed place, but they stumbled on the Amazon River, and since then is supposed that they discovered it. Ironically the river was "discovered" long ago by the natives of the Amazon, and even visited several times by Quitus, original inhabitants of Quito. For this reason the main streets of this neighborhood have names that refer to this fact:  Calle de los conquistadores (streets of the conquerors), El camino de Orellana( the path of Orellana),  the latter being the supposed route where the expedition began its journey.


This neighborhood of Quito is like a small town, isolated from the big city. This is because its location, it’s right on the slopes of the Machángara gorge river. Therefore, gives its back to the city with its noise, and gives its front to the full view of the sunny valley in the morning, its ghostly fog at night, giving the touch of enchanted city at this hour.


The church of this neighborhood, with colonial architecture, is well known by the inhabitants of Quito, especially the image of the Virgen de Los Angeles to whom several separate miracles are attributed from the time when the church was built. There is also the viewpoint of Guapulo, spectacular viewpoint where you can admire, if the weather allows, some inter-Andean corridor elevations. Plus, there are often art exhibitions and sale of handicrafts.


The Guapulo main attractions are the cafes in the street Camino de Orellana. These bar-cafes are favorite spots for poets, writers, musicians and artists. They are usually open only at night and have a very bohemian atmosphere; this especially because the cafes have a view to the valley, at night is beautiful and can inspire many emotions to anyone. The bars are: the Ananke, specialized in pizzas, La Lagartera, Palo Santo, and the famous Café Guapulo. These not only offer drinks but also some delicious dishes.


There is also a small and cozy adobe hotel, called La Casa de Guapulo. The hotel offers bed & breakfast service.  It is located on the street Lasso 257 and El Calvario.
Phone: (+5932) 222 0473. E-mail:


Moreover, in this neighborhood are located the Spain and British embassies whose presence have stimulate the establishment of Spanish and British upper class villages in this neighborhood.


The main attractions in Guapulo, in addition to its bohemian bars, are the festivals. On September 7th every “guapuleño” celebrate their neighborhood with town bands, parades, costumes, drink and dance. It is very similar to the typical holiday village, very traditional in rural areas of Ecuador, away from big cities. So if you want to experience a festival of this kind without departing from Quito, the Guapulo holidays are an excellent option.


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Guapulo is another entertainment center, different from “La Zona” because it is much frequented by the bohemian of Quito.


The great part of Guapulo is a residential area. The popular sector is where bars and cafes are located; most of these ones are open late at night. Guapulo is an area that, despite not being out of town, is noiseless and you will think you are in any small town in the Sierra of Ecuador.

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