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Quito's nightlife has many contrasts; wide-ranging forms are present in this city at night. One of these forms is the “farra” (spree and party), activity in which Quito inhabitants and foreigners converge, especially in an area, the heart of fun and festivity, Plaza Foch.

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This square is the center or Mariscal district, not because of its location but since this place is the meeting point and here mingles all the people looking for fun in this area. Plaza Foch is one of the busiest places for party, fun and entertainment.


The neighborhood of La Mariscal, also known as "La Zona" is the place for fun and entertainment par excellence in Quito. This sector is located in north central Quito and here come together a lot of bars, discos and restaurants. The evening is the start of activities in this area. Here you can share good food and drinks while you are waiting for the night to visit the clubs and discos around.


The greatest movement is focused in Plaza Foch and its nearby streets, such as Calama. Most nights there are a lot of people enjoying what the evening offers and its attraction.


Originally, Mariscal Sucre neighborhood was a residential area of the upper class. Several wealthy families migrated from the current historic downtown to this area in the early twentieth century. Over time it turns into a commercial area until the late 1970's when majority of families migrated and neighborhood became a "red zone" because of the delinquency. But during the 1990 this neighborhood began to change, and even more strongly since 2000.


Thus in La Mariscal bring into being different shops, opened in every direction of the neighborhood. Now it has adapted hostels in the old mansions of 1920, Internet, laundry, discos, karaoke, restaurants, bars and pubs of every kind. That's why La Mariscal is a neighborhood where most tourists preferred to stay.


Around Plaza Foch are located the first-class stores, and the most renowned. In the square we have restaurants like Q Restaurant, Azuca Latin Bistro and Azuca Beach, Coffee Tree, among others. We also have the Nü House Boutique Hotel, the only luxury hotel that is located in the sector and make the difference between the other hostels scattered throughout the area.


In La Mariscal there is place for everyone, an eclectic musical cosmos, from jazz, ska, to salsa, merengue, reggaeton, techno, house and obviously the rock in its variations and traditional rhythms. There are different dance floors, karaoke, discos, bars, restaurants and cafes. “La Zona” in Quito is for everyone, for the range of urban tribes, for each kind of pocket, for different sexual preferences, for all tastes and flavors. It’s the entertainment district, and throughout South America there is no place like this.

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