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Convent of “El Carmen Alto”, or San Jose de Quito, is located in the streets Rocafuerte and Garcia Moreno, in the historic downtown of the capital of Ecuador. Convent of El Carmen Alto is a construction work that contains admirable high finish and a touching story.


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The convent was founded on February 4th, 1653 and its construction took five years. The Carmen Alto convent belongs to the enclosed religious nuns. The nuns kept an austere life of strict delivery. As penance, flagellation was practiced using various objects. Currently only is allowed to leave the convent in cases of utmost importance. The construction of this convent was under the responsible of Marcos Guerra, a Jesuit, and was built where the first Catholic saint of Ecuador lived, Mariana de Jesus.

This work is part of the Paseo de las siete cruces, “Walk of the seven crosses": it’s a tour around the seven churches in the street García Moreno which includes very important architectural works of the historic center of Quito. The nunnery is located in the corner of Garcia Moreno and Rocafuerte. At the opposite side is the Museo de la Ciudad, the Museum of the City.


Visitors can enjoy the small but beautiful gardens of the convent of El Carmen Alto.  Visitors also have the opportunity to see the house where Mariana de Jesus lived, the cross where she died to safe Quito, the works of Spanish artist Diego de Robles. Also, you can buy the products sold by the nuns through a torno, revolving pass-through similar to a 'lazy Susan.' in wall. When you walk one block to the south of Compañía de Jesus, you will see a masterpiece sculpted in Carmen Alto de Quito.


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The Convent of El Carmen Alto is located in the Rocafuerte and Garcia Moreno streets, in front of Museo de la Ciudad, in the historic downtown of Quito.

To visit the convent of El Carmen Alto we recommend checking with your travel agency or preferred tour operator.

In this convent lived the Saint Mariana de Jesus, one of the best known in the city.


“Santa Marianita de Jesus” was well known for its practices of self-flagellation.  She asserts that earthquakes would not end up with Quito and Ecuador. Our country will be ruined by the bad governments.

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