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Quito's downtown is characterized by countless architectural treasures and stories full of beautiful works of art. One of this is El Carmen Bajo Convent, where visitors will find one more reason to be admired with Quito.


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The convent of El Carmen Bajo is located in Venezuela and Olmedo streets, few meters from the heart of Quito downtown. Currently, Empresa de Desarrollo Del Centro Histórico, the Downtown Development Company anticipates negotiations to acquire the historic convent in line for start the project of a Hotel Convent.


In 1698 a strong earthquake destroyed the building of “El Carmen Bajo”, founded in 1669 in Latacunga (city located an hour and a half south of Quito). The church was subsequently transferred to Quito where its construction was encouraged by the Bishop Paredes who died in 1745, when the construction was completed. The keepers of the temple are the Carmelite nuns, who maintain a life of contemplation and spirituality.


Into the rooms of the convent could be perceived the cultural and religious heritage of the Orden Carmelita, Carmelite Order.  Into the church is the crypt where the Marquise Mariana Carcelén saved the remains of her husband, the heroic Marshal Antonio Jose de Sucre. In the early twentieth century, his remains were moved to the Cathedral of Quito, where are keep on.


You will be also enthralled with the work of the mother Magdalena Dávalos, sculptor and painter, who wore the nun habit in the convent in 1742. “Nuestra Señora Del Carmen” sculptor is located in the central niche of the altar, reflecting the artistic talent of the religious woman.


For more information about the Convent of El Carmen Bajo:
Telephone: (+593 2) 258 1739



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The Convent of El Carmen Bajo is located in Venezuela and Olmedo streets in the famous downtown of Quito.


Visiting hours to “Convento Del Carmen Bajo” are: Monday to Friday from 08h30 to 12h00, 15h30 and 17h00.


The entrance fee to the nunnery has no cost.

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