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Companía de Jesús church is an amazing church because of the fact that its art work was sculpted in Andean volcanic stone. It’s considered as the most important structure of colonial Quito owing to its representative baroque style.


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The Church was built in 1605 by the Jesuits, expelled from the Royal Audience of Quito because of the Edict of exile decreed in 1767 by Carlos III, King of Spain. Its construction took about 163 years and was abandoned until 1794. After been entrusted to the monks Camilos, Compañia de Jesus was returned to the Jesuits in 1862 with the President Gabriel García Moreno authorization.

This colossal construction work has been object of a complete restoration process since the earthquake destroyed major structures such as the tower in 1868. The historical and archaeological restoration works, essentials for the conservation of the temple, were made between 1987 and 2005. Since 2006 visitors from all over the world have enjoyed its many charms, bathed with seven tons of gold leaf.

The works of art are deeply admired. The altarpiece, gilded in 1745 by Bernardo de Legarda, contains sculptures of the four religious communities that evangelized Quito. Also houses the sculptural collection of the Santísima Trinidad and Sagrada Familia, Holy Trinity and Holy Family. No doubt its artistic beauty, produced by the artists of the Quito's colonial school, reflects a memorable historic display.

Compañía de Jesus Church is located in the historic downtown of Quito-Ecuador, in Garcia Moreno and Sucre Street. (Diagonal to the Catedral).


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Compañia de Jesus Church is the most famous of all churches in Quito, due to its architecture, its details on the facade and art inside.

It is located in the streets García Moreno and Sucre, in the historic downtown of Quito.

The schedule to visit La Compañia de Jesus church is Monday to Friday from 09h30 to 17h30, 09h00 to 16h30 Saturday and Sunday from 13h00 to 16h30.


The entry fee is $ 2 USD for foreigners, and $ 1 USD for nationals.

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