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La Merced Church and Convent is located in the streets Cuenca, Mejía, Imbabura and Chile in the extraordinary downtown of Quito. Its beauty is exceptional because of the stone work in facades and its invaluable treasures kept inside the convent.


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The original church structure was rebuilt and modified two centuries after its foundation, which took place in the sixteenth century. Part of the Convent of La Merced was severely damaged by the earthquake in Quito on November 28th, 1778. Its restoration, financed by the fortune of the priests Alban, began with the removal of lime and brick tower, the same which resembles a Muslim mosque. Seven bells are contained close to the top, representing the natural musical scale.


Among the attractions is a two- floors library full of old books and scrolls, which help to recognize the rich cultural history of Quito and its convent. Its objects are representative sample of the artistic achievements of the era, such as the seventeenth century sundial located in a small dome; a stone fountain carved with Neptune in the center; the paintings in the church of Miguel de Santiago, Nicholas Goríbar, Bernardo Rodriguez and Manuel Samaniego; “catorce estaciones del Vía Crucis”, the fourteen Stations of Via Crucis painted by Judía Pinta, and several paintings of Victor Mideros. And of course, the bell of the center, called "Our Mother", Nuestra Madre, molten in gold, silver, bronze and zinc.


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The Church of La Merced is located in the streets Cuenca and Chile, in Quito historic downtown.

The Church and convent of La Merced are buildings that date from the sixteenth century.

In the Chile Street, three blocks west of the Plaza Grande in Quito you will find this wonderful piece of architecture.


La Merced is open from Monday to Friday from 6h30 to 11h30 and 15h00 to 18h30. Saturday from 9h00 to 11h00 and Sunday from 6h00 to 13h00.

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