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The Church and Convent of San Agustin is located at 924 Guayaquil Street and Chile, in the historic downtown of Quito. Its admirable carved stone structures reflect the characteristic of the sixteenth century.


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Construction of the church and the convent of St. Augustine concluded in 1650 at the hands of Juan Del Corral. Its design was in charge of the architect Francisco Becerra, who built the Cathedral of Cuzco. In 1895 the convent was transformed into military barracks. It was a period of confrontation between conservatives and liberals. At the eastern corridor is the historic “Sala Capitular” Chapter House, where ran the Aula Magna of the University of San Fulgencio (the first of Ecuador). In 1586 theology, philosophy and fine arts classes were given here. 

The stones used to raise the convent of San Agustin were obtained from the majestic Pichincha volcano. The walls serve as gallery, where can be observed the life and miracles of St. Augustine, through a splendid collection of 25 paintings of Miguel de Santiago.

The Church of St. Augustine is one of the most colorful of Quito because of its modern and bright oil paintings. “La regla”, The Rule, is an important seventeenth-century work produced by Miguel de Santiago. It is located right inside the church; at the left side "The Conversion of St. Augustine", by Luis Cadena painting, of the nineteenth century.

Are also prevalent eighteenth century sculptures distributed in three major halls of the Museo Miguel de Santiago. Some wooden carvings and gold leaf covered art pieces are: San Miguel, San Rafael, El Niño.

Telephone: (+593 2) 2955 525


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This famous church is located just across the bus station Plaza Grande, of “Sistema Trolebús” transport; this is in Guayaquil and Chile streets in the historic downtown of Quito.

St. Augustine is open between Monday to Friday from 09h00 to 12h30 and 14h00 to 17h00, Saturdays from 09h00 to 13h00.

The entry fee is $ 1 USD adults, students, children and seniors $ 0.50

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