San Blas Church
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San Blas church is located at the entrance to the downtown of Quito at E1-102 Caldas Street and Los Rios. It is one example of the artistic and religious history of Quito.


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The church was built next to a parish church with mud walls and straw roof in 1571, its work concluded in the early seventeenth century. The design was done by the architect Jorge Guzman and the teacher Fermin Taipe. It’s considered one of the oldest structures in Quito. The building is rectangular with trapezoidal dome; the roof is of reeds and three muds with several wooden balks.

According to Lope de Atienza, vicar and general administrator of the city and bishopric of Quito in 1583, the financing of the building came from the charity that Indian paid and some Spanish parishioners living outside the city paid to.

San Blas was a parish of Indians and now is a place visited by people of different nationalities that admire its architectural beauty and artistic works. On the walls are canvases of great artistic value: “Inmaculada”Immaculate, “Virgen con el Niño” Virgin and Child, curiously involved into an extensive unfold dress, and a “Cuadro de almas” Table of Souls,  originally characterized:  in its upper part is represented Christ's death and Down from the Cross, the Virgin, Mary Magdalene and St. John.

The altarpiece is composed of columns carved with pearl beads and escutcheons decorated with floral ovals. Also this beautiful altar keeps in the center the half figure sculpture of San Blas, accompanied by St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Catherine and St. Domingo, left; and St. Sebastian, St. Barbara and St. Augustine, at the right side. 

The parish is home of a beautiful cabinet delicately carved with thin floral decoration, in which are some birds and animals and two human figures between stems and flowers. It also has drawn saints, wich are painted with fine lines.

More information about the Church and San Blas Plaza:

Phone: (+593 2) 2281 893


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The church of San Blas is located south of the park La Alameda, this in front of the intersection of Avenida 10 de Agosto and Guayaquil Street.


The church of San Blas is open from Monday to Friday from 08h00 to 12h00 and entry is free.

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