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The church of San Marcos, located in a small park that have the same name, is located in the street Jijon and Junín in the historic downtown of Quito.


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The church has an admirable piece: the statue of the image of St. Joseph with the infant Jesus, which is one of the religious and artistic heritages of the parishioners of San Marcos.


The church is located in one of the older sections of the downtown, San Marcos, originally planned for the indigenous population. San Marcos is a treasure that keeps churches, convents, and mansions waiting to be visited and admired.


Fray Luis Lopez de Solis founded the parish of San Marcos in the early seventeenth century. The church was drawn with a rectangular room and an arch the triumphant, dividing it into two sections: one for the sanctuary, and other to the people. The parish was considered of Indians because of the frequency of them in Presbyterians services.


The pulpit of the church reveals the ancestor of the parishioners. This unique piece has been restored with parts of the same furniture. In it are pictures of the Eternal Father, San Juan the Evangelist, San Mateo, San Pedro, children Justo and Pastor, and the Virgin with the Child in her arms. There are other large-scale works of art like the sculptures of San Jose, a large Calvary Christ, the Magdalena and San Diego, dressed with cloth hardened. On the altar, at the right side is the patron of the church, San Marco,s and in front of  El Señor de la Caña.


In the central part of the building is the figure of the Eternal Father, “Padre Eterno”, crowning the whole altarpiece.  The roof still conserves its original character.


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The Church of San Marcos is located in Junin and Jijón streets in the traditional neighborhood of San Marcos in the Quito historic downtown.


Because this church is not frequently visited, for your safety, we recommend going in the company of a tourist guide or ask to your travel agency or preferred tour operator.

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