Santa Barbara Church
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The church of Santa Barbara is located on Garcia Moreno and Manabi Street, in the historic downtown of Quito. 1987’s earthquakes caused structure failure and its reconstruction was heading for Fondo de Salvamento, Rescue Fund.


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Santa Barbara church was built by Juan Pablo Sanz in the sixteenth century. The church was inhabited by the Jesuits from August, 1586 until January, 1589. It’s a modern church that currently contains just few antiques: cloths and statues of saints.


The people of Quito wanted to have the Jesuits among its people. The ecclesiastic chapter, Cabildo Eclesiástico, agreed to the request. Since 1578 the Real Audiencia goes between Felipe II and Quito in order to ask for the transfer of the church and parish house of Santa Barbara. He agreed with the condition that if the Jesuits leaved the settle in other live in other place, the church would be again in the domain of ecclesiastical power. The reassign of the Cabildo to the Jesuits in the parish of Santa Barbara took place on July 31, 1586.


The building is basically finish,  with cross-shaped ground, Greek-style,  and at the half  of the structure supports an iron frame dome made of zinc-lined on the outside, and inside has wooden “casetones”  finely decorated(wooden finish.  The altarpiece is dedicated to “Virgen Del Quinche” Our Lady of El Quinche, and “Corazón de Jesus”, Heart of Jesus, to Calvary, to St. Antonio and the last two ones sculptures to St. Joseph and St. Judas Tadeo.


Among the few works of art is the painting of “Virgen de la Espiga”,  Virgin of the ear, and a bust of “San Francisco de Borja”, wood carved next to a tombstone located on the first rung of the entrance to the parish house, which has carved a Latin inscription to the mentioned saint, 1942 date.


For more information on the Church of Santa Barbara:

Telephone: (+593 2) 2288 637


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Santa Barbara church is located in the streets García Moreno and Manabi, in the historic downtown of Quito.


It’s open from Monday to Friday from 07h00 to 09h00, 16h00 to 18h00 Saturdays, Sundays from 07h00 to 10h00.


Admission is free.

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