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Santa Catalina de Sena Convent is located in Flores Street in front of Espejo Street in the downtown of Quito.


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Like many other buildings in the historic downtown, this one has been restored several times because of earthquakes that have plaguing the city for more than four centuries.


The convent was founded by Maria de Siliceo, Don Alonso de Troya widow, on March 14th, 1594, during one of the earliest policy manifestations of the people of Quito against the Spanish crown: Revolution of the Alcabalas (sales tax).


By the late seventeenth century the convent was rebuilt with adobe and the roof was restored in 1794. Finally, in 1613, the building was installed on the site nowadays occupied: upon the houses that were under the power of Don Lorenzo de Cepeda, brother of Santa Teresa de Jesus.


At the beginning of XVII century the monastery had had 30 great lineage religious women, mostly daughters or granddaughters of Spanish conquerors, the widows of presidents or judges of the Royal Audience of Quito. The cloistered nuns do not allow the entry to the total building, therefore, the authentic work of the convent is admired from the outside and the only contact with the nuns is with their products as wine, syrups, creams and herbs which are acquired by rotating a torno, revolving pass-through similar to a 'lazy Susan.' There is a small museum with four showroom that houses over 100 pieces distributed in sculptures, paintings and textiles from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.


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Convent and Church of Santa Catalina is located in the streets Flores and Espejo, in the historic downtown of Quito.


The entrance to the convent of Santa Catalina in Quito is restricted.


The only contact nuns have with foreign is a torno, by which they sell homemade products such as wine, cream and syrup.


There is possible to access to the church of Santa Catalina in Quito, including a museum with over 100 pieces of colonial art.

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