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Bolivar Theater in Quito is one of the rare architecture pieces in relation with other theaters in the Ecuador’s capital.



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The Theater has a beautiful architecture and is a survivor of fire that almost destroyed it. The Bolivar Theater has a history of 75 years, history that whispers through the ashes. Bolivar Theatre was built in 1933 and sought to democratize culture. At that time there were only three theaters, admission to their events was rigorously restricted. During the mentioned year, on April 15th the building opened with the showing of the Cecile B. De Mille film “El signo de la cruz”(The sign of the cross).


The U.S. Company Hoffman & Henon were those who were responsible for the design and construction of this architectural masterpiece. Its neoclassical style with Arabic trend formed a welcoming atmosphere that enchanted the Quito public and made it an architecture and cultural attraction.


Many concerts, recitals, operas, ballet, plays, etc.., had had as a backdrop the Teatro Bolivar. This one was into a boom until the gradual introduction of television. Then, for the 1980decade, the theater received close to 30 to 50 people per show. This fact led to lease the theater to a commercial film distribution company, in 1988.


 In 1997, was made an ambitious plan to rescue the real meaning of the Bolivar Theater. The place was readjusted and in 1998 opened its doors to showcase new plays, symphony concerts and more.


Pizza Hut restaurant located on the ground floor had a gas leak and it started the scourge which destroyed 70% of the infrastructure. These painful facts become worse because neither the firm nor the international franchise Pizza Hut became responsible for what happened.


The next day began a plan to recuperate this important infrastructure for the culture of Quito. Thus, Fundación Teatro Bolívar (Bolivar Theater Foundation) was born.  The Foundation initiated a lawsuit, against Pizza Hut, and was in charge of managing the different resources for the recovery of this property. Also the foundation continued organizing events in the same theater as Sobre las cenizas "On the ashes", so that this space is not detached from its purpose, both concrete and before the city of Quito.


Since then there have been many events in the middle of the remains of the theater, giving this stage a unique and special combination. Gradually, between events and presentations, follows the long process of restoration, which is expected to end soon.


Bolivar Theatre is located in Quito downtown, on Espejo Street, between Guayaquil and Flores streets. Guided tours to the theater are offered to discover its history from 11h00 to 15h30, from Monday to Friday, at a cost of $ 1 per person. Although, groups at night and on weekends often are accepted, at a cost of $ 3 per person and groups of at least 15 people.


More information of the Bolivar Theater, the foundation commissioned and upcoming shows:

Telephone: (+5932) 258 2486 / 258 2487


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Bolivar Theatre is one of the first in the city of Quito. Built in the early twentieth century, became a symbol because of its architecture.


 It is located in the downtown of Quito. It’s not far from Plaza de la Independencia, on Calle Espejo, between Guayaquil and Flores.


In 1999 Teatro Bolivar suffered a serious fire which destroyed 70% of its construction. Even that, The Fundation continued organizing Artisit events "sobre las ruinas" to raise funds and recover the legendary theater.

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