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House of music, La Casa de la Música in Quito, Ecuador, is one of the best concert halls in South America.



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Built in 2003 and currently managed by the Foundation Philharmonic House of Music Hans & Gi Neustaetter, this site has been praised for its architectural design both exterior and interior, acoustic design, thereby receiving the highest rating in intensity and clarity of sound for the famous Müller-BBM German house.


In addition to the Concert Hall with a capacity of 700 attendees, the House of Music has a recital hall with 80 seats available and a Conference Room available for cultural events.


In these spaces had been done different events, exhibitions, special concerts and recitals with renowned musicians and artists. Thus, the House of Music becomes one of the most prominent and important works of development and cultural expression in this city, considering that Quito is already well known for this fact.


Casa de la Música Hans & Gi Neustaetter:
Adress: Calle Valderrama and Mariana de Jesús Avenue,  in the same direction to  Hospital Metropolitano
Telephone: (+5932) 226 7093 / 226 1965
E-mail: info@cdm.ec
Website: www.casadelamusica.ec


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This place is one of the few theaters in Latin America that has received the highest rating in intensity and clarity of sound.


The House of Music in Quito, Ecuador, has a capacity of 700 people.


It also has a recital hall and Conference Hall with 80 seats.

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