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Mexico Theatre in Quito was a theater opened in 1945, the most recognized in the south of city at that time.



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At this time the Theatre became popular and just with 5 sucres, a person could see the different films exhibited. Its name is because the bulk of films that were shown were of Mexican cinema. The golden age of Mexican film industry was in those years


Along with new technologies and a renewed internal structure, the Mexico Theater creates a modern and poly-functional space for arts and culture. It has a mobile stage in addition to seats in mobile bleacher, internal communication systems, cat walks, that can acquire different functions for lighting and curtains, everything depends on the claims the work or event involves. In addition complete architecture systems were installed in: lighting, staging, room, sound systems, acoustics and air conditioning.


Consequently, the Teatro Mexico in Quito is included in the new trends in contemporary alternative theater, making it the most modern cultural space of the country. It can work as a theater, stage box, cinema, coliseum and television studio.


For more information of Teatro Mexico

Telephone: (+5932) 2650660
Website: Teatro México

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Mexico Theater is one of the few theaters in Quito that have new technologies and contemporary alternative theater systems.


It is located in Mexico citadel, within the Chimbacalle neighborhood, specifically on Antisana and Tomebamba streets at the south of the city.


It has a capacity of 400 and 600. For more information about the agenda, please visit the Teatro Mexico web page.

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