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This is the Malayerba Theatre group's headquarters, which works since 1995. The group, in its twenty-seven years of existence, “is made by a team of professional actors from different backgrounds, different nationalities, different cultures and conditions. It has shown that this mixture is not only possible, but can build an identity, a unit based on the different and enriched by the differences. “Currently the place has a capacity of 70 people.


Adress: Sodiro 345 and 6 de diciembre Avenue, plazoleta de la Iglesia del Belén, in front of El Churo del parque La Alameda. Quito, Ecuador.

Sala de Artes Escénicas "Mariana de Jesús"

Inside Casa De La Cultura, Performing Arts Auditorium "Mariana De Jesus"   works.  Established in 1998, this auditorium has become one of the small-format theaters most successful in Quito. It is administered by the Frente de Danza Independiente, head of Independent Dance, and has maintained a schedule of events for dance, theater, puppetry, video, film and music eventually, with an average of 12 shows per year.


Adress: Patria y 6 de diciembre corner. Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana, Edificio de los Espejos 4th  Floor. Quito, Ecuador.
Telephone: (+593-2) 255 3602 / (+593) 9821 9878 / (+593) 9469 2631

Teatro Patio de Comedias

This theater is on the Quito scene since 1980. This space was created as a private initiative of a group of lovers of theatrical endeavor. In addition to maintaining a place public strengthens and an auditorium of 100 people has also formed a creative professional group that annually produces, at least one show.

Adress: 18 de Septiembre E4-26 between 9 de Octubre and Amazonas.

Telephone: (+593-2) 256 1902 / (+593) 960 10793

Fundación Cultural HUMANIZARTE

Humanizarte Cultural Foundation since its beginning has been dedicated to develop, support and coordinate cultural and artistic presentations of dance, theater, music, art, etc., with renowned artists, as well as the presence of international performing arts companies.


Adress: Leonidas Plaza N24-226 between Baquerizo Moreno and Lizardo García.
Telephone: (+593-2) 222 6116 / 250 6302
Fax: (+593-2) 250 7747

Asociación Humbolt

The Cultural Institute of Humboldt Goethe Zentrum Association is responsible for cultural exchange between Ecuador and Germany in various fields of culture: theater, music, dance, visual arts, film and TV, literature, among other related fields.


Adress: Vancouver E5-54 and Polonia, corner. Quito, Ecuador.
Telephone: (+593-2) 223 6910 / 254 8480
Telefax: (+593-2) 256 8442

University Theatre works since 1984, as a part of the Central University of Ecuador. It has been the space where the performing arts takes place aiming the growth of culture and art in the capital. That’s why it has human resources like several dance professionals, choreography and interpretation professionals. "More than an institution, school, company or group, is a mystic, a challenge to transform the everyday."


Adress: Universitaria and América Avenue, Universidad Central del Ecuador.
Telephone: (+593-2) 223 0191


In Quito downtown is located the lively Plaza del Teatro. In this square is located one of the most important theaters in the capital: Sucre National Theatre. Its beginnings date back to 1877 when the government of Ignacio de Veintimilla conceded the place to the society "Civilization" for construction. In its first 50 years of life two or three annual functions occurred. Soon, it served more for parties at the end of years and for society dances. After too much history, in 2001, were completed the formalities for its restoration to become what is today: one of the main planned places for art and culture.


Adress: Manabí N8-131 between Guayaquil and Flores
Telephone: (+593-2) 257 2823 / 228 0982 / 257 0299 / 295 1661

Bolivar Theater opened on April 15th, 1933, with capacity of 2,400 spectators. Later, it would be the first stage for major events in the Pacific coast. From 1988 to 1997 the theater was leased to a commercial distribution film company. In 1997 the Empresa de Teatros took over the management of Bolivar Theater, resolving to restore the building and recover the audience who came to it for high level cultural events. Currently is under renovation after a fire occurred in the building, but the work is progressing.


Adress: Pasaje Espejo 847 and Guayaquil – Quito downtown
Telephone: (+593-2) 258 3788 / 257 1911


Mexico Theatre is a versatile stage equipped for all types of events. It has a mobile stage and mobile seats on bleachers. Due to this condition the theatre allows the adaptation of space for different uses or performing adaptations.


Adress: Tomebamba and Antisana (Ciudadela México)
Telephone: (+593-2) 257 2823 / 228 0982 / 257 0299 / 295 1661

Located in the north of Quito, the Ecuadorian Culture House "Benjamín Carrión" (CCE) is responsible for promoting art in the country. It has several halls and theaters in charge, besides a large number of professionals that constantly keep an alternative for whom art is a passion. At it’s headquarter in Quito are located the following rooms and theaters:


Teatro Nacional de la CCE (capacity of 2100 people)
Ágora de la CCE (capacity of 4500 people)
Aula Benjamín Carrión (capacity of 120 people)
Sala Demetrio Aguilera Malta (capacity of 300 people)
Teatro Prometeo (capacity of 270 people)

More information:
Adress: 6 de Diciembre N16-224 and Patria. Quito, Ecuador.
Telephone: (+593-2) 290 2272 / 252 5679

Teatro Variedades Ernesto Albán

Variedades Theater Ernesto Albán is located in the popular Plaza del Teatro. This theater was built in 1913 on the basis of the Giacomo Badiconzinni architect design. This Theater was, in the decade of 1940, part of the cinemas Mantilla and ran exclusively as a movie theater until 1994. Subsequently it was acquired by the Municipality of Quito and, between 2005 and 2006, subject to a restoration process by Fondo de Salvamento (FONSAL).


Adress: Manabí Oe2-04 between Guayaquil and Flores. Plaza del Teatro
Telephone: (+593-2) 295 1661 / 257 0299


It is located in one of the busiest shopping Center in the city. Its innovative approach has become one of the best alternatives for theater lovers. It also has a capacity of 175 people.


Adress: Amazonas and Naciones Unidas Avenue, Centro Comercial Iñaquito (CCI).
Telephone: (+593-2) 246 7947


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