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Sucre National Theatre is the first theater in the city of Quito and one of the most renowned throughout Ecuador.



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Built between 1879 and 1887, the Teatro Sucre was a work that sought to materialize the Enlightenment influence of the French Revolution as far as art it concerned. In this way began the establishment of a dominant culture.


This last fact could be evidenced in its history. In colonial times, which now is called Plaza del Teatro was the Plazuela de las Carnicerías (Butchers square), where, as its name suggests, meat was traded and offered. But then, bullfights were weekly organized, what caused that in the XVIII century Plaza de Toros, bullring, was created. The latter came to an end in 1867, when Congress decided to abolish the practice of bullfighting and establish theaters in each municipality.


Sucre Theatre opened on November 25th, 1886, at half past eight p.m. where National Orchestra, the Artillery Band, a piano and two singers performed the National Anthem.


Until well into the twentieth century, the theater had no official use. Just two to three times per year was made a major presentation, the rest of the time served for dances of the upper class of Quito, weddings, year-end colleges and schools events and even served for private parties. The first feature film made here was in 1901. Over time its use was limited to artistic presentations above all.


The theater is currently under the administration of the Teatro Nacional Sucre Foundation as well as the space of square, Plaza del Teatro, which continually organizes musical events predominantly outdoors open to the public. Also manages other theaters such as the Teatro Variedades Ernesto Alban, Mexico Theatre and Cultural Center Mama Cuchara.


The Teatro Nacional Sucre is located on Manabi Street, between Guayaquil and Flores.

For more information:

Telephones: (+5932) 257-2823 / 228-0982 / 257-0299 / 295-1661

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Teatro Sucre was the first elite theater that existed in Quito, was inaugurated in 1886.


 It is located in the historic center of Quito, in the famous Plaza del Teatro, Manabi street, between Guayaquil and Flores. Today it houses a restaurant, and offers artists presentations and unique works of art.


Sucre National Theatre Foundation is responsible for managing and preserving this theater.

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