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Teatro Variedades "Ernesto Albán is located in the eastern corner of the Plaza del Teatro in Quito It was built at the early last century, in 1913, and opened specifically on Easter Sunday, Resurrection Day, 1914.



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At that time this inauguration was an innovation, since this theater was specialized in films exhibit, 6 movies for only 1, 5 sucres (former Ecuadorian currency).


In 1940, the Variedades Theatre became part of a large chain of entertainment in Quito. But, as the majority of theaters, by the end of the 1980s began to close its doors. It was more compelling television show and new entertainment technologies than going to the old theaters and movies. This is how, in 1994, the Variedades Theatre closed its doors.


It would take years, and in 2005 the Fondo de Salvamento del Municipio de Quito, the Municipality Rescue Fund of Quito, (FONSAL) acquired the building to invest in its restoration. About two million dollars and two years took the recover.


For its reopening, it was called Teatro Variedades Ernesto Alban, the latter being the name of one of the most famous comedians and actors of Quito. Outside the Theatre can be foud a statue of Ernesto Alban in his most famous character: Don Evaristo Corral y Chancleta. With this character he made Quito’ people laugh and made to laugh at all his time people. He did the famous Quito Estampas (interpretations of traditions and political caricatures). Thus, the Teatro Variedades Ernesto Alban is open offering programs focused on this lost theatrical genre.


In addition to Estampas Quiteñas, the theater offers a program consisting of political comedy, coffee- concerts, cabaret shows, operettas, puppets, plays well, chamber concerts, dance, film and varieties.


The Teatro Variedades Ernesto Alban has a capacity of 200 and 250 people. To review its program you can access to the page of the Sucre National Theater Foundation, which administers the Variedades Theatre.


Telephones: (+5932) 295 1661 / 257 0299.
E-mail: teatrovariedades@teatrosucre.com

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Variedades Theatre is one of the first theaters established in Quito. It is located in the downtown of Quito.

The Theatre is located opposite to the Teatro Nacional Sucre, in the Plaza del Teatro.


The theater was named after Ernesto Alban, one of the first comedians and the most recognized in Quito.

It is under the administration of the Teatro Nacional Sucre Foundation.

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